After 24 years

After working for 24 years as a shop manager at the same company, I was told that the company was halting all activities, and I would be able to use the outplacement facility.

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I looked for somewhere that offered outplacement, and I soon ended up at Meesschaert & Partners. The first meeting with Geert was very encouraging and, after a pleasant chat, we drew up a concrete plan. He put me at ease and assured me that everything would be all right. He made time for me and listened carefully to what I wanted to do.

I was given a folder and we made a new appointment. With all the information he had about me, he drafted an example CV and, and after a few adjustments, we came up with a final version. I was also given sample letters that I could send. Then we looked for employers where I would like to work.

We made a selection and Geert then checked his contacts in these companies. The time had come to send out the first letters of application.

I received a quick response and was invited for a job interview; I put on the right outfit and attended the interview full of self-confidence.

I came out feeling very positive!

We examined how things had gone and where we could make adjustments. The second interview followed quickly and I also attended interviews with two other companies.

It turned out that the very first letter had been the right one. I have been working as a shop manager in this company for two weeks now.

I would recommend Meesschaert & Partners to anyone.

They genuinely focus on you, make time for you and do all they can to help you find the job you want.

Thank you Geert Meesschaert.
Yours sincerely, Mario



After 18 years

After working for the same employer for 18 years, I was suddenly laid off. An employer that was mired in scandal.

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It was a shock that I also had to deal with personally at the time. It wasn’t easy! It hit me really hard on a personal level, but I made a conscious effort to get through it. Then came the actual redundancy, which puts you in a different place entirely.

The ground shakes beneath your feet and you’re full of questions: “How on earth am I going to sort this out? I started my search for a new job, but it was not easy; I dreamed of making a complete career switch. But it sometimes feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. The raised eyebrows speak volumes, particularly when you don't have the necessary diplomas.

My intuition told me that I had to go out and look for myself, and that’s how I ended up with Geert Meesschaert of Meesschaert & Partners. I went to the appointment with a heavy heart. But I received a warm welcome and soon realised I was being taken seriously.

I was able to tell my story for the first time and, even better, I was really being listened to. I felt a sense of unconditional support that I had never felt before. I never expected the degree of effort made by Geert Meesschaert, even when my confidence deserted me.

I received an e-mail encouraging me to stay positive and it really helped. I don't have a job yet, but I am confident that the barriers that currently stand in the way will be gradually eliminated.

Huge thanks to Geert Meesschaert


The guidance

"The guidance I received from Meesschaert & Partners was top notch. They offer their expertise to help people find suitable jobs by approaching the various individuals in the right way and suggesting a range of options on how to best deal with the situation.

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I was very happy with their service and can’t thank Geert enough for his approach. Without him, I would have struggled to find my feet on this road to finding a job.

My heartfelt thanks to Geert for the excellent coaching.
Yves Carette



I am Frank Van Steelandt, co-owner of B-management. B-management is a company that places Interim Managers at board and middle management level, as programme and project managers, and as crisis and change managers

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Via Meesschaert & Partners, we regularly receive interesting candidates, who are interested in entering the Interim Management profession. For many managers, the Interim Management profession is a valuable alternative after the termination of a permanent position. It ensures that the proven experience of competent managers is not lost to interested companies. As an outplacement office, Meesschaert & Partners is an important link in this process."

"Ineos has been working with the outplacement services of Meesschaert & Partners for years. As a company, we believe it is important to treat staff with the appropriate care even after redundancy and ensure they are offered as many opportunities as possible to develop their careers.

We have been really impressed by Meesschaert & Partners' personal approach and their efficient method for supporting redundant staff and helping them find a new career. This service is an important element in the development of our policy as a responsible and humane employer.

Chris Vroman, HR, Legal and tax director Ineos Oxite



As a result of an acquisition by a sector partner, my position in the company became redundant and, upon my dismissal, I was offered individual outplacement support by Meesschaert & Partners.

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After the very important first meeting with my outplacement supervisor/coach, I immediately felt respected and completely understood. Various useful recommendations were formulated about how to proceed in general and about finding the right job for me in particular.

Shortly after my redundancy, I was able to start working for a new employer, having been contacted by a headhunter. However, this job and this company were not really the right choice for me. When I had to resume my search, I talked to my supervisor/coach again (under the guarantee scheme) to find the right job.

Thanks to Meesschaert & Partners' vast network and the fact that I have been able to carefully define what I am looking for, I now receive regular tips on potentially interesting opportunities. Despite the difficult economic conditions at the moment, I am confident that sooner or later I will find another exciting and, above all, suitable job. Furthermore, it is very reassuring to know that I can always turn to my supervisor/coach with any questions I may have, whenever I need to.

An almost 50-year-old former Divisional HR Director in an international company"


Sodeva Consulting

We have many years of experience with the activities of Meesschaert and Partners.

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Professional and transparent; they have created a clear position for themselves in the market.

Their exclusive focus on outplacement and subsequent career guidance distinguishes them from other players who offer recruitment and selection activities.

Kind regards,
Ward De Boeck
CEO Sodeva Consulting"


Professional partner

I have had great experiences working with Meesschaert & Partners.

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Their efficient approach, wide-ranging experience and expertise with outplacement of very different profiles, make Meesschaert & Partners a reliable and highly professional partner.

Philippe Van Hecke
Former Department HR Manager
University of Antwerp



Meesschaert & Partners claims to offer the extra dimension, with a personal touch, that you don’t find with wholesale outplacement.

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And they do. Even before my outplacement had really started, I was able to call Geert late into the evening to ask for advice and gain feedback from companies on the evening after job interviews. Geert is very flexible, comes up with solutions for both employer and employee, and functions as a true facilitator.

Dieter Joos, ST Ericsson


Very positive

The outplacement support from Meesschaert & Partners has been very positive for me.

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Their help has been highly personalised and I really felt I was talking to someone I had known for a very long time.

Geert Meesschaert provided exceptional guidance. Thank you!
Luc De Beckker, Sales Manager at Vondelmolen and now Commercial Director at Mokafina

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