Our mission and vision

We make your challenge our own!


As a service provider specialising in outplacement and career guidance, our mission is to offer comprehensive coaching and advice to individuals who are facing a career change. We allow them to discover and fully exploit their true potential and, in turn, boost their careers.

What makes Meesschaert & Partners different?

Meesschaert & Partners is a specialist. We focus exclusively on outplacement and career guidance. We concentrate on what we are really good at: helping people get their careers (back) on track.

Human engagement. The client may have questions and uncertainties and faces important choices for the future. Meesschaert & Partners is always available as a sounding board and/or an understanding coach, to help find answers to questions or tackle a difficult period. Meesschaert & Partners is available around the clock for urgent questions.

Motivation. Meesschaert & Partners encourages a positive approach to the new situation. We take as much time as we can to help the client identify his/her ambitions, values, motivators and demotivators.

Marketing. Meesschaert & Partners has extensive marketing expertise. Together with the client, we draw up a SWOT analysis, ensure clear profiling and positioning, and together outline an efficient marketing strategy. Would the client like to start a self-employed activity? Our marketing expertise will help turn a business idea into reality and ensure the regulatory maze can be navigated successfully.

Market information. Applying for a job is practically a full-time activity. The key is to be efficient. One way of doing this is to obtain information in a targeted manner. Meesschaert & Partners collects all relevant information concerning the labour market so the client loses no time on this activity during his/her job search.

Customisation. In consultation with both employer and employee, we seek to identify the ideal solution, depending on the needs of the client. Being in the top two is not enough. Only signing the contract counts. Meesschaert & Partners helps the client to be a winner.

Meesschaert & Partners has cooperation agreements with a reputable law firm and an accountancy firm, both with regional coverage, from which clients can obtain free advice.

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