Outplacement is in...

but the wheat must be separated from the chaff

Geert Meesschaert founded a new agency in 2007 after extensive experience in the field. This offers dismissed employees or executives the prospect of a new job. With 100% certainty and within an average of three months. Who could do better than that?

We know us

Networking is an important part of our job," says Geert Meesschaert. Because my career has been largely in the field of HR and outplacement, I know almost every HR manager in Belgium.”  And that helps, although Meesschaert & Partners does more than just make phone calls to old acquaintances. As president of the professional federation Federgon, Geert Meesschaert was one of the initiators of the collective labour agreement 82 bis, which makes outplacement compulsory for all dismissed workers aged 45 and over.

Previous to that, there was the collective agreement 51 whereby dismissed employees could opt for outplacement.
The definition used by Geert Meesschaert says it all about the company's commitment: professional guidance towards a new, suitable job, with the candidate at the heart of the process.
Meesschaert & Partners is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Clear approach

"Outplacement is not about opening a drawer full of job offers. If we are engaged by a company because of imminent redundancies, we map out the key elements of the person(s) involved, i.e. background, education, family situation, etc. In their training, we talk about strengths and weaknesses, expectations (even dreams), and how or where to find suitable vacancies. In terms of logistical support, the affected employee receives personal assistance with research, drafting letters, translations (if necessary) and sending. And we provide guidance before and after every job interview."


"Meesschaert & Partners is extremely agile and, thanks to our sound experience, we are just as suited to multinationals as to SMEs or non-profit organisations. We can support individuals and groups of people.

Conflicts of interest are impossible: there are no connections between us and a selection company or a temp agency, for example. Outplacement is the only thing we do and for us it is the candidate who counts. We even ensure that one of us is on-call at all times."

"Thanks to our approach, we have a 100% success rate and an average turnaround time of three months. In the sector as a whole, it is almost twice as long. But we don’t just send people to the first job that comes along.

Our intervention only ends when the candidate has a new, suitable job and is happy with it.
In so doing, more than 80% earn the same wage as before redundancy. And often even more."

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