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Who is Meesschaert & Partners?

Team Meesschaert en Partners

Meesschaert & Partners was founded in 2007 by Geert Meesschaert.

After nine years as general manager at Carela (now USG HR Forces), Geert Meesschaert decided he had enough experience and knowledge to start his own company. A few of the consultants made the transition too and are now responsible for guiding the candidates

Today, Meesschaert & Partners operates from offices across the country with senior consultants and the administrative support of an experienced and enthusiastic assistant.

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What makes Meesschaert & Partners different? 

Meesschaert & Partners is a specialist. We focus exclusively on outplacement and career guidance. We concentrate on what we are really good at: helping people get their careers (back) on track.

Human engagement

The client may have questions and uncertainties and faces important choices for the future.


We encourage a positive approach to the new situation.

Market information

Applying for a job is practically a full-time activity. The key is to be efficient.

Geert Meesschaert


Geert Meesschaert

Outplacement agencies may be mushrooming, but not all mushrooms are edible. Geert Meesschaert founded a new agency in 2007 after extensive experience in the field. This offers dismissed employees or executives the prospect of a new job. With 100% certainty and within an average of three months. Who could do better than that?

We know us

Networking is an important part of our job," says Geert Meesschaert. Because my career has been largely in the field of HR and outplacement, I know almost every HR manager in Belgium.”  And that helps, although Meesschaert & Partners does more than just make phone calls to old acquaintances.

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