Advantages as an employer

It is very clear to the departing employee that the organisation is concerned about his/her future.

In terms of the working atmosphere and other employees’ motivation, it is much better to see that ex-colleagues have received effective support.

If former employees, executives in particular, remain active in the same sector, they may become competitors or even business partners. So a good relationship is vital for the future.

Reputation and public image are preserved, thanks to outplacement.

As an employer, you will receive regular reports on the progress of any guidance.

Meesschaert & Partners also takes care of all necessary administration concerning the outplacement.

Why choose Meesschaert & Partners?

  • We are specialists not generalists.
  • We are 100% discrete.
  • Our communication is open and honest.
  • The human dimension is not just an empty promise for us.
  • We offer an unlimited warranty.


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